Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring

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Interview Checklist Job Candidate QualificationsIn every area of our business operations, we want to avoid as many mistakes as we can. That also goes for hiring and staffing in our companies. Putting the wrong candidate in a position can have lasting effects that can put your company back tremendously.

We found quite a few mistakes listed in a recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine recently and many of these we agree with. And with hiring growing at a rapid pace in the past several months, it can be easy to make a mistake.

In a growing operation, taking your time to get your hiring plan in place could result in lost revenue. If you can’t take care of customers, orders, etc…, you can’t continue to grow.

A couple other things to remember when hiring, make sure your candidate is a good fit for your company and culture. That person may have great skills but if they don’t fit your culture or buy into your mission, that won’t be a good thing down the road and could cause more harm than good.

One thing not mentioned in the article below is the value of a good partner such as a recruiter. Companies outsource many activities such as collections, various legal matters and much more. Why not let a reputable recruiting company get a handle on your hiring needs, screen those candidates for you and find just the right talent. It will save you time and money.

Want more tips on hiring? Read the full article here.


Top In-Demand Jobs This Year

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bigstock-job-search-vacancy-for-jobs-on-46555552A very informative report just came out and ranks some of the most in-demand jobs for 2015. As you‘ll see, healthcare is leading the way as well as technology positions. In the top position according to the report are positions for registered nurses.

Jobs in information technology are also in high demand, one of the areas we specialize in. Some of the top growing positions include software engineers, network administrators and systems managers.

January is a strong month for hiring for many reasons. Goals are set by companies, hiring plans are approved by management and strategic plans are put in place at companies.

As we have said in the past, as a recruiter in Boston, we are seeing some of these similar trends. Our team is working overtime to help companies fill positions just like these and others.

If you have growing need for new talent at your company, please contact us today and find out how our team can get right to work for you and come up with a solution for your talent acquisition needs.

To read more on the full report on in-demand jobs for 2015, you can find it here on the Fortune magazine website.

2014 Jobs Report Ends On A High Note

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job search find vacancy for jobs search job online job applicatiThe employment situation for December 2014 was released on Friday January 9th. Friday’s release puts a capstone on a successful 2014. It caps off a year filled with many months that had well over 200,000 jobs created. Many industries are growing and those industries are contributing to a steady flow of jobs that we believe will extend far into 2015.

On Friday it was indicated that the unemployment rate dropped to 5.6%. For the 2014 calendar year, the average monthly upside in jobs created in the US economy was 246k that is 52k more per month on average than 2013 at 194k per month.

A notable improvement came in manufacturing with 2014 growth set at 16k per month average gains 7k per month for 2013.

As a recruiter in Boston, we are seeing many other industries put up some big numbers in jobs including leisure and hospitality, professional and business services, healthcare and construction. Like we have said before; there are cranes everywhere we turn.

If your company is growing and is in need of great talent, we would welcome that opportunity to discuss your hiring plans and how we can help you in 2015.

How Can We Help You in 2015?

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Many will agree that 2014 has been a year of growth. With consistent job growth over 200,000 for several months consecutively, lower unemployment and as we are seeing, a growing demand for new talent, 2015 is poised for even further growth.2015 New Year Concept

The need for new talent is unlike we have seen in some time. And our phones have been ringing; a good sign that a recovering job market is here to stay for a while. Many companies are growing, developing aggressive hiring plans and putting new resources behind their initiatives. We’re guessing you’re one of those companies.

So, how can we help you grow?

Our team is ready to hit the ground running for you in 2015. They are ready to take your call and they are eager to help you build your organization by helping you find just the right talent. We have one of the best teams in the recruiting business and the energy here at King & Bishop is impressive. Our team comes in here each and every morning ready to show you just how much we can help you.

With a growing company and an increase in the amount of employees, comes an increase in the amount of support certain companies need. We can help you there as well. With a whole host of other services including Training and Development, HR Services and our growing demand for our Executive Services, we have never been more positioned to help you.

As you can gather, the entire team here at King & Bishop is ready and energized to help you grow in 2015. So, please contact us, let us know your needs and let us show you how much of an impact we can have on your growing organization.

Here’s to an incredible 2015. Happy New Year!


Are we in a candidate driven market?

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By Adam Lentz:

As a recruiter in Boston, we see all kinds of trends. We are always keeping up on the important happenings within our industry and following other experts to make sure we can make the best decisions for you the client.bigstock-job-search-vacancy-for-jobs-on-46555552

One trend that many recruiters are seeing now is that more and more job candidates are rejecting offers for a host of reasons. One main reason is that many companies are not acting quick enough to secure that talent. As many industries are in a hot job market, the candidate can essentially work other opportunities rather than relying on just one open position as has been the case in the past.

Companies that are eager to fill critical positions are now in a position that they need to act quicker in order to secure that talent and get them started in that new role.

In a survey of hiring managers that just came out, it was also noted that many candidates are now placing priorities on not just salary and benefits but on the ability to advance at a company. Many companies are now competing for great talent which is not such a bad thing in terms of where our economy is heading.

Read more about this growing trend here.

If you’re in need of talent for your growing organization and you might be in a rush to fill certain positions, please contact us today. We can help speed up the process and get your company the talent you need to start moving in the right direction.

More College Grads Entering the Workforce

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As we approach January, we’ll be seeing a new batch of job-seekers; college grads. And the time might be right to explore what a recent college graduate has to offer your company. Depending on your industry and of course the position you need filled, a college graduate can be a smart move for any number of reasons.Keyboard with "Graduate" Button.

We often see companies kick off another big hiring season at the first of the year; filling any number and levels of positions. While as a recruiting firm in Boston, we have a great network of highly skilled and tenured candidates, we also have a growing list of talented college grads ready to hit the ground running.

A few items to think about when considering hiring a recent graduate. If you are looking to shape a new staff member into doing things your way, a new grad might be the way to go. While lacking in experience, the right person will make up for that experience in drive and determination.

Tech and social media: While social media can be an enormous disruption in the workplace, those companies that embrace it and encourage their staff to use it to share company news and content can benefit greatly. This age group has literally grown up with social media, so being a little open minded about the possibilities could help this part of your marketing.

If your budget is a concern and you absolutely need a position filled, hiring a recent college graduate can help you manage your budget by allowing you to bring in a candidate at a reasonable rate and allow them to prove themselves before climbing the ladder.

New ideas. If you crave new ideas, this might be the way to go. If you’re stuck in your ways and have no interest in finding different ways to do things around your operation, maybe not so much. But a young fresh face can sometimes shed light on age-old problems and come up with current day fixes that you may have never thought of.

We have all heard the pros and cons of hiring what we call Millennials and there have been some negative generalizations about this age group. But it all comes down to who you hire, screening that candidate and allowing a firm such as King & Bishop to aid you in that search.

If your 2015 calls for adding staff, please contact today and let’s discuss your options.

The Trend is Your Friend

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By Mike Liuzza:

job search find vacancy for jobs search job online job applicatiA few months back during our regular in-studio visit for Fox News in Boston, we were discussing the upward trend in the jobs market. As we have seen several months of 200,000 plus jobs created, the anchor ended our segment by saying, “The trend is your friend.”

Friday, we saw the monthly Jobs Report come out and as expected, we are still seeing that upward trend in jobs created. The BLS estimated that over 321,000 new positions were created and ADP reported that over 101,000 of those were small business. So if you’re asking us, our friendly trend in recent months has been small business, companies with 1-49 employees.

As a recruiter in Boston, we are certainly seeing similar trends. We are seeing manufacturing pick up, and a trend we continue to see is hospitality.

Take a moment to view the USA Today article on the ADP Report and if you are a growing small business in need of HR services, please view the short video below that outlines how we can help you.


Biomedical Search Consultants Skill Marketplace- Nov 2014

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Searching For Talents - Recruitment ConceptBiomedical Search Consultants, a division of King & Bishop has a number of quality candidates and we’re ready to introduce them to you. As you’ll see below, the qualifications of these candidates can help build your team and move your operation to the next level. Please take time to see if there is a fit with your organization below. If you don’t see someone with your needs, please contact us today. We’re confident we can find just the right talent for you.

Director of Innovation / R&D

Senior level business and innovation professional seeking a leadership position within a progressive, technically oriented organization. In-depth experience in managing the delivery of medical devices, complex systems, innovative technology products, and integrated solutions. Expertise in understanding how to make technologies “real” and deliver innovative products to the market. Managed business unit level P&L, strategic business relationships, as well as multi-disciplinary resources focused on innovation and development. An effective player/coach with strong communication skills who has mentored, collaborated, and managed activities across functional groups, internal stake holders, and external partners. Open to relocation.

Regulatory, Clinical and Quality Leader

An accomplished professional with expertise across a broad spectrum of medical devices and in vitro diagnostics (IVD). Proven track record of success dealing with FDA on submissions and pre-submissions leading to multiple product clearances. Most recently led regulatory, clinical and QA efforts resulting in successful 510(k) clearance, CE marking and launch of novel cardiac biomarker IVDs. Also led regulatory and clinical projects on behalf of launch of several innovative diagnostic devices in the diabetes, cardiovascular and women’s health sectors. Strong foundation in diagnostic product development including verification, validation, risk analysis, clinical evaluations, and labeling development.

Product Manager

Accomplished professional with 15+ years experience managing products from concept through commercialization. Proven track record releasing six new products and managing the successful growth of 12. Specialized in chemical analysis instruments designed towards homeland security application (explosives, narcotics and contraband detections) in addition to non-destructive testing instruments. Responsibilities include developing the business case for new products, driving feature sets, turning VoC into product enhancements, reporting on revenue/bookings/profitability, market analysis and trends. Accomplished team player and team leader comfortable communicating on the production floor, in the labs and the boardroom.

R&D Manager

Hands-on engineering leader with demonstrated ability to drive to root causes and inspire teams to find robust solutions. Skilled in product design/development, process development and manufacturing engineering; has earned a reputation for integrity, builds winning teams and thrives under pressure. Leads international medical device new product teams from concept to commercialization. Experience in minimally invasive surgical devices and Class III implants. Holds advanced degree from highly reputable university.

Production Manager

Medical Device professional with experience successfully coordinating activities for the production of several product lines simultaneously.   Equipped to establish a direct and informative link between the executive committee, sales, engineering and operations groups through concise communication. Utilizes motivational and group dynamics to structure team for effective execution of tasks. Emphasizes statistical awareness to solve problems and achieve operational excellence. Meets deadlines and customers needs while being mindful of budgetary goals. Holds a Masters in Engineering from Tufts University.

Entrepreneurs Do Create Jobs

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By Adam Lentz:

job search find vacancy for jobs search job online job applicatiThis week, the Global Entrepreneurship Index was released. This measures the health of small business start ups. In short, the US leads the pack in terms of entrepreneurship and start ups in the world. We all know that small business is the backbone of the US economy and that’s because small business leads the way in job creation. Last month alone, small business created over 102,000 new positions of the total 230, 000 jobs created in the US for October according to the ADP Employment Report.

There are some remarkable start ups not only in this country but in many other countries that help to foster entrepreneurship such as Canada, the UK and in the Middle East. As a recruiter in Boston we are seeing a number of small businesses create positions for this growing economy.

Take a few minutes to read this article we found about how global startups are leading the way in job creation both here and abroad.


Using Social Media to Recruit Talent-SBANE Workshop

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We are constantly hearing about social media and all its uses (and misuses…). Whether we like it or not, social media right now, is here to stay. There are plenty of ways to use social media to your advantage as a business and one way is to use it to help build your team.Social Media Sign

How do we as employers use social media to find the best talent? That’s the topic of our next presentation with SBANE, and the Human Resources Committee.

King & Bishop’s CEO Brendan King along with Recruiter Anneliese Muscari, also of King & Bishop, will guide you through the ins and outs of using social media to help effectively build your team.

Join us on December 4 at the SBANE Headquarters in Waltham from 7:30-10:00am for this important presentation.

For more info and to register, follow the link here: