March Employment Numbers

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job search find vacancy for jobs dream career move help wanted jThe U.S. economy added 192,000 jobs in March, an improvement over previous months when winter storms and extreme weather slowed business processes including hiring activities. This increase coupled with a revision upward for job numbers in January and February indicates hiring and a potential sign that U.S. labor markets may be gaining momentum.

The national unemployment rate held steady 6.7% in February. Although unchanged, the rate is at it’s lowest since the worst of the 2008 economic crisis.

See more on the March Jobs Report below:

Jobs Report for February

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The number of Americans filing new claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly fell and hit a fresh three-month low last week, suggesting a strengthening in labor market conditions.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 315,000, the Labor Department said on Thursday. That was the lowest reading since late November.

Claims for the week ended March 1 were revised to show 1,000 more applications received than previously reported.

Economists polled by Reuters had forecast first-time applications for jobless benefits rising to 330,000 in the week ended March 8.

The four-week moving average for new claims, considered a better measure of underlying labor market conditions as it irons out week-to-week volatility, fell 6,250 to 330,500, the lowest level since early December.

A Labor Department analyst said no states were estimated.

Unseasonably cold weather has slowed job growth in recent months, but the labor market is showing signs of shaking off winter’s icy grip.

Non-farm payrolls increased 175,000 in February. They had risen 129,000 in January and gained 84,000 in December. Economists expect job gains to accelerate in March as temperatures warm up.

The claims report showed the number of people still receiving benefits after an initial week of aid fell 48,000 to 2.86 million in the week ended March 1. That was the lowest level since December.

For more on the jobs report watch Brendan King on Fox 25 News in the video below:

HR Services for Small Businesses

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When it comes to a small business, typically defined as 49 employees or under, there may be ambiguity about what their HR profile looks like. A small business may need help meeting or navigating compliance issues related to employment, benefits and technology.

With the many new regulations that come with programs such as the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare”, and the Massachusetts Written Information Security Program (WISP), small business leaders  may not know what these impacts are to their day-to-operations and to their employees.

The backbone of our economy is small businesses, so it’s important for them to be in the know when it comes to their HR services. If you are unsure about your Human Resources profile, for a nominal investment, we may be able to help through an HR evaluation or audit.

During this process King & Bishop’s experts will ask the owner questions to find out what they have for HR and from this they will be able to determine what your business needs really are. This evaluation will help to create a growth plan, or road map for your business, which can be helpful for a growing organization.

King & Bishop will help you understand what you have in your HR function and how you can supplement that. You may discover that King & Bishop can then provide you with HR support, or you may decide that you may be able to utilize your own resources.

With our help you will be able to find out where you stand, and if you require an HR consultant, then King & Bishop is the company to help you out.

To find out more go to  and watch the video below:

Resume Formatting Tips

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A resume is important to making a good impression when looking for a job. If you have your resume formatted correctly, you will stand out, be noticed by recruiters and maybe even get the job. Below are some tips from King & Bishop’s Leto Papadopoulos and Tasha Schlake Festel on formatting your resume so you won’t get overlooked.

-Executive Summary
A recruiter likes to see a good executive summary that gives a picture of who the candidate is before they have to look through their experience. This is important because recruiters get a lot of resumes every day, so the best thing as a candidate is to get someone’s attention from the beginning, with a descriptive and detailed executive summary to help you stand out.

When helping candidates create resumes, keywords are essential. Leto will go through job descriptions with candidates and find the job keywords. A recruiter uses those keywords to search for candidates resumes. If you don’t have those keywords in your resume you won’t show up in the search and you may get ignored.

-Show Results
It’s important to show what makes you different. Candidates will be overlooked if they don’t show their results and what’s great about them. Also, your resume should illustrate what you have done in your career, such as a list of technologies you have used. If the candidate doesn’t do this they could be overlooked.

For more resume tips watch the video below:

Meet King & Bishop’s Josh Blumenshine

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Josh Blumenshine is the Team Lead for a team of recruiters who look for technology professionals.

A typical day for Josh includes conducting a variety of searches which includes sourcing for both permanent and contract talent for his clients. In his role he also provides leadership to his team of recruiters. He looks forward to coming to work, which he can’t say for other jobs he has had.

Josh loves what he does, especially when he completes a successful search. A successful search for Josh is when the client is particularly happy with the candidate that met exactly what they were looking for and they were matched up with the candidate for whom this is the perfect job. He says that this happens all the time and that gives him the most satisfaction when he can get those deals completed.

After a candidate works with him or the other recruiters on his team they generally come away impressed and glad for the interaction. He encourages candidates to be willing to talk to him and his team and form a relationship that can be beneficial for all involved.

To learn more about Josh you can go to his bio: and watch the video below.

Join King & Bishop at the Special Olympics MA Bio Ball

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This spring King & Bishop will be sponsoring and participating in the 10th annual Special Olympics MA Bio-Ball Tournament. The event will take place on April 12th at Basketball City in Boston, MA.

The tournament consists of the 16 participating companies each fielding a basketball team. That team is then paired with a local Special Olympics Massachusetts basketball team forming an integrated and unified team. The 16 “teams” are then divided into two divisions and spend the day competing in both individual skills and 5 on 5 competitions. At the end of the day, a championship game determines the winner of Bio-Ball.

This year is the 10th year for the Bio-Ball Tournament, which is a great event where biotech and pharmaceutical companies of Massachusetts come together to volunteer and invest in the community by sponsoring and staffing a basketball tournament to benefit Special Olympics MA. This event helps sponsor the more than 1,800 Special Olympics Athletes who participate in basketball programs.

The Massachusetts biotechnology industry is making the promise of a better tomorrow a reality by pursuing cures for many of the illnesses and disabilities that affect those with intellectual disabilities. By working with Special Olympics MA the biotech community is able to see the determination and spirit of these athletes, which is why they work so hard to realize their goal of curing disease.

All proceeds from this event go to benefit Special Olympics Massachusetts.

To read more or donate go to:

Meet King & Bishop’s Tasha Schlake Festel

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Tasha Schlake Festel is a recruiter at King & Bishop. In her position as recruiter Tasha talks to candidates and clients from around Boston and beyond every day, reviews resumes that are given to her and evaluates them based on the candidate’s skills and how they match the job description.

Something candidates should know before meeting Tasha is that she is just as nervous to have a first conversation with them as they are to talk to her. This is because she is not only interviewing the candidate, but they are interviewing her as well. It’s important that they like each other and that they want to work together.

When working with a candidate, one way that Tasha can be of help is that she can relate to them and their professional experience, because  she worked in internet consulting for a long time she has a lot of experience in a variety of industries and positions.

A good day at King & Bishop is when there are a lot of people in the office and on the phone and when there is a placement or great candidates are found everyone is high-fiving each other. In the King & Bishop office everyone is excited to be doing what they are doing, and it is a high energy environment.

Tasha loves her job at King & Bishop because not only is she finding people better jobs, but she is also helping them create better lives for themselves. Because Tasha works closely with the candidates she is able to get to know them, learn what they want and what they are looking for, then she is able to make that perfect match for them and she says that is a wonderful feeling.

Find out more about how Tasha can help you and learn more about King & Bishop:

What is Payrolling?

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By Neal J. Fay

There are many benefits to using third party payroll services. Primarily companies like the flexibility of using a temporary or an on demand workforce. What is often missed is the failure to properly classify the employee and to protect the company from liability by using a payroll service provider for temporary hires they make on their own.

Payrolling Service Providers can help administer payroll service for any temporary position that a company brings on. In doing so, they save the administrative cost, burden and risk of adding to the in-house payroll headcount. These programs help remove all the administration headaches from the process to enable temporary employees to begin work as soon as possible. The provider assumes employer responsibilities including all government mandated compliance, Workman’s Compensation Insurance and tax withholding’s.

Other reasons to consider usage of temporary employee payroll service:

  • You may identify a candidate you would like to employ for a project or a fixed.
  • You may want to have a trail period before making a comprehensive offer.
  • You have a component of the workforce that performs more effectively with a flexible staffing program.

With the ever growing complexities regarding health insurance, tax withholding, liability and employment law, leveraging these services for flexible workforce needs warrants a closer look, especially next time a temporary is hired or someone is asked to be paid on a 1099.

Why use King & Bishop Payroll Services?

Manage hiring costs

Reduce burden on existing staff

Control headcount

Comply with independent contractor regulations

Evaluate employee suitability and contribution

King & Bishop payrolled employees enjoy excellent benefits and direct deposit
Payroll Service allows our clients to identify, screen and select candidates to be paid through our payroll program. These candidates can be former employees, retired employees or other individuals our clients have identified for temporary work.

Check out the video below for more information about payrolling:

January 2014 Jobs Report

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The U.S. economy added 113,000 jobs in January 2014, a small improvement over the results of December 2013. The number of jobs created fell well below forecasters’ predictions of 185,000 jobs. Despite this number there is good news in today’s data release, along with other factors that has encouraged the major financial markets.

The national unemployment rate dropped from 6.7% to 6.6%, the lowest it has been since late 2008.

Wage gains improved by 0.3%.

The service Index (non manufacturing firms) for the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) index climbed to 54% last month from 53% in December. Readings over 50% indicate more companies are expanding instead of shrinking.

Job categories that showed major gains include:

Manufacturing at 21k

Construction at 48k

Professional and Business Services at 36k

Through our day-to-day contact with clients and participation in various industry and trade groups, we are pleased to say that most anticipate adding jobs and hiring talent through much of Q1 and Q2 2014.

Benefits to Hiring an Unemployed Candidate

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There are many benefits to hiring a candidate that is unemployed. The candidate will be eager to work, and will be able to start the new position right away, which can make for an easy transition. Another benefit is they may have used this time to get extra training, certifications, and learn new skills that will be helpful to their employer.

To read more about the benefits of hiring an unemployed candidate read this article, featuring quotes from our very own Leto Papadopoulos, director of Training and Development at King & Bishop: