Breaking Down the Latest Jobs Numbers-Video

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First things first…This is not a time to panic and we do not feel it changes the direction of this recovery.

We have had some strong months for employment numbers this year. Six straight months over 200k and that is even with revisions. However the Jobs Report for August showed 142,000 jobs created. Sometime ago this would have been welcome news when we were trending below 100k per month.

The growth we have seen here at King & Bishop is in Professional and Business Services. And as a recruiting firm in Boston, we can tell you that from conversations with our clients in our weekly business cycle, there is continued demand for these skill sets.

Part of the over drag on these numbers for August include weakness in manufacturing and retail. There was even a line in the August Jobs Report that showed a loss of 17,000 jobs in Food and Beverage Stores including a “labor disruption ad a New England based grocery store chain”. We all know who that is.

So there is quirkiness about August that may play into these numbers however most analysts feel that these numbers will be revised up next month. The business process for many organizations slows in August due to time off so we’re not worried.

See how Brendan King analyzes this Number on Fox News in Boston recently.

What To Do If You Get Laid Off

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If you are laid off from your job there are a few things you should keep in mind.

1. Keep your emotions in check and do not get angry. In most cases of large scale reductions in force, there is buzz going around in advance that something is going to happen. When you are confronted with it, it is normal to become upset but do not act on those feelings. You won’t regret holding back but you will regret losing your cool.job search vacancy for jobs online job application help wanted h

2. Don’t take it personally. We’d like to be able to control our lives and shape our destiny through the sheer force of will, but sometimes things happen to us that have absolutely nothing to do with what we’ve done or who we are. This is one of those times.

3. You need to keep it professional as you will need to get a recommendation. You may want to line up a recommendation in writing as soon as possible. Volunteer to write it yourself. If a letter is out of the question or doesn’t arrive in a timely fashion, ask your boss to send you a short e-mail; even a one- or two-line testimonial will do. Get your boss’s permission to put his or her direct phone number on your résumé and give this out at job interviews.

If outplacement is offered by the company, take it. You may need some coaching during this time.

If outplacement is NOT offered, ask for it. In most cases people will have 21 days to sign a separation agreement. Demand career coaching services as part of your severance. If cash is offered instead of coaching, take the coaching.

Construct an elevator pitch about what happened in this last job for networking and interviews. Remember to always speak positively about the former employer and focus on moving forward in a positive way.

Develop a campaign for a new opportunity and become a self promoter. Have your resume and social profiles as current as soon as possible.

Yes, it’s dispiriting to get laid off, but keep in mind this is where new opportunities are born and they may lie just beyond the horizon, which would have been unavailable had you stayed where you were.

Bottom line: Taking the high road and staying positive is challenging enough when all is going well. The real test of your character comes from how you respond when things are at their worst. Following the above guidelines will help you show the world—and yourself—that nothing, not even the loss of your job, can hold you back from success.

For more advice on what to do when you get laid off, watch the video below:

How to Find a New Job This Summer

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Is the summertime a good time to search for a job or do employers back off on hiring?

The summer is a great time to job search, and it may give you an edge over others who take the summer off. Also, with online application systems facilitating hirinjob search find vacancy for jobs dream career move help wanted jg, the hiring process is working even when the hiring managers are not.

So, how do employers decide to start hiring and what are they looking for in a candidate?

Many firms develop staffing plans at a high level within an organization. Once they agree to execute that plan, it becomes a matter of supply and demand.

In terms of what they are looking for, probably the most desirable attribute will be some exposure to technology or business processes that the employer uses. A healthy can-do and customer service oriented attitude will always generate interest.

Below are some tips for keeping your job search going during the summer:

  1. Do not take the summer off, and do not presume that everyone is “off” because it is the summer. Hiring managers and decision makers are generally still plugged in and engaged.
  2. Update your social media profile (including Linked In and Facebook).
  3. Strongly Consider Internships, Temporary Assignments and Volunteer Opportunities.
  4. Network and have face to face meetings.
  5. Set realistic goals for yourself and be open to entry level work.

It’s also important for job seekers to keep up on the latest trends in the industry they are looking to work in.

Watch the video below for more help with your summer job search:

Steady Growth in Administrative Positions

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career opportunity search and find dream job promotion career buBy: Karen Antaramian Gilbert

Recent growth in our economy is often heralded by the high demand for technology professionals. As we trend further into 2014 with accelerated job growth, it is important to highlight administrative support positions that go along with strategic staffing plans and goals. As a recruiter in Boston, we are seeing many trends.

Here are three of the major trends that will affect administrative positions throughout the next 12 months:

1. Administrative Opportunities Are Growing. As workloads are growing, this is translating into new job possibilities for support staff. Companies are not only filling vacancies but also creating new administrative positions that go along with specific technology applications. While this creates excessive demand, hiring managers want people who have developed skill sets that will fit in on day one. Specialties such as healthcare, human resources (HR) and customer service are seeing an upswing in hiring activity. Companies are adding HR staff to support their expanding workforces, while customer service is a core function to firms as they try to gain and keep new business.

2. Skill Sets Stand Out. Managers know just what they’re looking for when filling administrative positions. These positions typically begin with a strong foundation in technology. This goes beyond just being proficient with the basics of Microsoft Office and means having knowledge of more advanced features as well. Familiarity with social media is growing in importance as businesses leverage their presence on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. Hiring managers are looking for stellar communicators. Applicants must display strong verbal and written communication skills, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. There is also demand for multitasking abilities. Supervisors want to be able to give administrative staff a number of projects and know that all will be completed correctly and on time.

3. Salaries for Administrative Positions Reflect Demand. Overall starting salaries for administrative jobs are expected to increase 3.3 percent in the U.S. through 2014. Employers are also looking at tweaks to benefits, flexible work schedules, investments in training and offering health and wellness programs.

Are you an administrative professional looking for a new opportunity or a client seeking quality HR and administrative support? Contact me at, find me on LinkedIn or connect with me on Twitter. @kare8888.

What are the benefits of payrolling?

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Payrolling can be beneficial to companies looking to work with temporary positions. With the ever growing complexities regarding health insurance, tax withholding, liability and employment law, leveraging these services to a payroll provider for temporary positions can ease the strain on your business.bigstock-job-search-vacancy-for-jobs-on-46555552

Below is a list of the benefits:

  • The company is protected from liability by using a payroll service provider for temporary hires they make on their own.
  • It saves the administrative cost, burden and risk of adding to the in-house payroll headcount.
  • The payroll provider assumes employer responsibilities including all government mandated compliance, Workman’s Compensation Insurance and tax withholdings.
  • Payroll Service at King & Bishop allows our clients to identify, screen and select candidates to be paid through our payroll program.

While working with King & Bishop’s Payroll Services you enjoy the benefit of managing hiring costs and reducing the burden on existing staff. Also, you can control headcount while complying with independent contractor regulations.

Other reasons to consider usage of temporary employee payroll service:

  • You may identify a candidate you would like to employ for a project and avoid the third party recruiting fees.
  • You may want to have a trial period before making a comprehensive offer.
  • You have a component of the workforce that performs more effectively with a flexible staffing program.

This temporary period will also allow you to evaluate employee suitability and contributions. While the employee is payrolled by King & Bishop, they will be eligible for excellent benefits and weekly pay via direct deposit.

Check out our video below for more information about payrolling:

Job Gains Promising in Life Sciences

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By: Adam Lentz

The job gains in last Thursday’s economic release represented good news for all. The life sciences industry has established a healthy trajectory which should bode well for job seekers in coming years. But there will always be factors that have the potential to become major game changers, including cost containment, global souring for services and resources, and accepting of the high level of risk associated with life science start-ups.

What should life sciences job seekers be ready for?

Be current with trends and re-tool your skills and certifications DNA helix abstract background on the tablet screen. Illustrationas warranted.

Be a life-long learner, acquiring new skills as necessary to help life science companies cope with significant environmental pressures.

Understand how changes such as requirements for more rigorous clinical data may affect life sciences employers and your ability to be hired.

Be globally minded.

Become cross-culturally competent. Be prepared to interact with global partners and to consider possible barriers to acceptance and adoption of pharmaceuticals and medical devices in non-western cultures.

Be flexible. Many companies are holding the line on their headcount while acquiring needed skills on contract. Non-traditional working relationships may be a major jobs trend in our economy going forward, regardless of the industry.

Want to learn more? Find me on Linked In or call us at: 781-890-8824

Manufacturing Jobs a Winner in Jobs Report

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By: Paul Nannicelli

Within the booming jobs report released by the BLS last Thursday July 3, the Manufacturing sector added 16,000 jobs in June, all within durable goods manufacturing.

Milling machine tool with mill in chuck preparing to process metWithin durable goods, employment increased in motor vehicles and parts (+6,000) and in computer and peripheral equipment (+3,000). A great sign for our recovery.

Our practice at our sister company, Finish Line Staffing, supports manufacturing type businesses through direct labor placement, and temporary or temporary to direct.

We have seen similar gains throughout our client base in all of 2014. In our weekly dialogue with our clients, growth is almost certain through the balance of the year and beyond. Hiring is strong and our experts are very busy helping companies just like yours carry out aggressive hiring plans.

If you are a growing company or plan to grow this year, and you have these types of needs, please contact me at: (pnannicelli@FINISHLINESTAFFING.COM).

Advanced Manufacturing Hiring Strong In Massachusetts

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By Neal Fay:

Advanced Manufacturing is strong in Massachusetts and hiring is robust. Recruiters in Massachusetts are seeking qualified individuals for many positions around the Bay State but many manufacturers are having a few challenges finding just the right candidates.

In a recent Boston Globe article, they found that many manufacturerRobot arm in a factorys were not looking in the right places for qualified candidates. They are not using the great vocational schools we have in our area and many admitted to not using the services of recruiters in Boston and other areas. Manufacturing creates more than $40 Billion in the Massachusetts economy, far more than most industries so it’s a vital part of our well-being here in Mass. And it makes sense to have a partner in your recruiting.

We have been able to effectively network with many manufacturers here in Massachusetts and make available many of our qualified candidates in our network. Through SBANE and other organizations that represent small business and other manufacturers, we have had great success in helping companies build the teams that they need to grow.

We feel strongly that there really is not a labor shortage. The challenge is identifying the right candidate and getting them in front of the manufacturers that need their specific skills. It’s one thing that we do really well here at King & Bishop and our affiliated company, Finish Line Staffing. As baby boomers age out of the workforce, the need will become even greater in the next 10 years or so.

We have a great network here and can prospect, identify and secure the right candidate for your growth plans. We have a team that has specific knowledge of manufacturing needs and can capitalize on that expertise.

It really makes sense for us to have a conversation if you’re in manufacturing and are having trouble finding the right talent.

5 Facts about the Cost of a Contract Recruiter

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job search find vacancy for jobs search job online job applicatiWhen a company has aggressive hiring goals and they need someone to assist them in hiring, they should consider working with a Contract Recruiter. Take a look at the facts below to learn more about Contract Recruiters and how they can help your company grow.

1. Contract recruiter is paid and billed on an hourly rate.
There are many factors that go into the hourly rate. The primary driver of the cost is the basic supply and demand of the talent you are seeking. And the relative market for quality contract recruiters.

2. Cost depends on the level of talent required.
As we look at the vertical hierarchy in an organization cost may be indexed to the level of talent required. In short, a professional non-exempt recruiter working on the floor level positions will present a lower cost than a recruiter seeking professional service staff or executive positions.

3. The Economics of a position.
When discussing recruiting needs with King & Bishop we discuss the economics of the position. Supply and demand and the timing required to fill your position. In many cases depending on the industry it may take time to find the right candidates for your needs.

4. The Bottom Line.
Taking all these factors into consideration the investment in a contract recruiter may cost your company between $50 and $150 per hour.

5. Make the most of your recruiter.
Be upfront and thorough with what talent you are looking for. Tell your recruiter what individuals do well in your company, and do your best to describe the culture of your company. Together establish real time goals and expectations. Develop the parameters with you recruiter to include start and stop times, hour invested weekly and your investment will pay off.

To find out more about how King & Bishop can help your business watch the video below:

Mass Economy Expands- Jobless Fate Falls to 5.6 Percent

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The Massachusetts economy appears to be expanding and the numbers out this week may prove that. The Massachusetts jobless rate fell to 5.6 percent, a number not seen since September 2008.

job search find vacancy for jobs dream career move help wanted jHere at King & Bishop, we have seen our clients produce aggressive hiring plans and we have been very busy helping them meet their goals. We have seen gains in hospitality, education and health and the tech sector.

If your company is experiencing growth and needs assistance in recruiting, please contact us. Our team of professionals is ready.

Check out the full article from the Boston Globe here;