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People Vantage HR

Why Choose Us:

  • We can act as your company’s HR department until which time you become large enough to cost justify your own department or HR person
  • “PLUG AND PLAY” HR department: We can bring all of the resources needed at the various stages of your company’s life cycle
  • Our services allow our clients to focus on the core mission of their company
  • We can also augment existing HR team’s for projects, surges in HR needs or to fill roles on an interim basis

Business Case for HR Outsourcing:

  • Simply – at a certain number of employees is a regular full-time HR position justified? Will the person you hire at this your stage of the company’s growth be the right person you will need in the future?
  • We are a cost efficient way to incorporate an HR function effectively into your business
  • Typically, our cost is a fraction of hiring your own HR person/function
  • People Vantage HR has a vast array of HR services to meet your needs

Examples of Services We Provide:

  • Build out of initial HR infrastructure and act as key contact for employees
  • Management of Recruitment function
  • Establish a compensation structure
  • Implement a performance management process
  • Building company culture and employee engagement; Employee and Leadership training
  • Mergers, acquisition and IPO preparedness

Dan Gauthier – Managing Director

333 Wyman Street, Waltham, MA 02451

Email: dgauthier@kingbishop.com Phone: 508-250-6487